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PIOTR PALUCHOWSKI is a professional Graphic Recorder and Illustrator from Berlin. Storytelling, illustration and visual solutions in general have always been a part of his life. As an artist and author he learned how to express complex topics in pictures and stories. In 2016 he discovered graphic recording, or scribing, as a method for live illustration during facilitation processes. That was so fascinating that it soon became a profession.

In moments when Piotr Paluchowski doesn't illustrate or develop new styles for storytelling and graphic recording, he works together with Magdalena Wiegner to give birth to a life-long art project.

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Graphic Recording ... is a method to put ideas, thoughts and imagination into pictures at a live event. It is being used in workshops, conferences, exhibitions, meetings and many more to create visual protocols that help inspire attention and memories. There are countless possibilities for its use. If you are interested to book Piotr Paluchowski for your project or event please use the Contact Page.

You can find some work samples here.

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A graphic recording on music that adjusts

GRAPHIC RECORDING is a way to let a creative person participate in your company's development. This could be development through innovation, team-building, development on the social or cenceptual level and many more ... unlike consultants, facilitators or entertainers the graphic recorders role primarily consists in active listening and visual storytelling. Active listening allows in this case to capture the intensity of conversations and creative processes as a so called emotional or creative protocoll in a visually appealing way.

Graphic Recording for VLOG in cologne

Graphic Recording, or SCRIBING, is one of the pillars of GRAPHIC FACILITATION and stems from the will to capture discussions, talks and other spoken events, live and simultaneous to increase attention and memorability. Unlike illustration the focus is on the details and volatile emotions that otherwise would be lost. The topic builds a foundation that guides through the event, but the main priority is on the people, atmosphere and the moment in which creativity happens.

Piotr Paluchowski during a graphic recording for the womens office

Pictures connect people. Just as the strokes come together to depict content, shadows and accents surface to narrate stories, that's just how people come together through conversation. Graphic recorders listen actively to guide and offer positive support. They bring openness, creativity and a lot of attention to master this task and add value to your event.


Piotr Paluchowskis Logo Illustration ... explains language. This simple idea is the foundation of a lot of modern stiles and applications. In a time in which complexity is growing rapidly, it gets increasingly important to achieve simplicity and clarity. Pictures are a great way to organize and communicate ideas. If you feel interested in booking Piotr Paluchowski as a support for your project please use the contact page to get in touch.

You can find some work samples here.

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Illustrations for SenVital on their new management rules

ILLUSTRATIONS use pictures and storytelling to communicate content. Unlike language a picture doesnt read from left to right but rather is put together simultaneously. That is how pictures can create new emotions even through similar content. A single picture can bring together lots of thoughts and express them in an accessible and stimulating way.

Characters for use in graphic recordings and illustrations

ILLUSTRATORS collaborate with their CUSTOMERS to create pictures that communicate the desired content. Classically there are four stages in achieving this: the briefing, the sketch, the execution and the acceptance. The illustrator leads through every stage to create the picture step by step according to his or her style.

Graphic recording by Piotr Paluchowski at DBJR

Every STYLE consists of own ideas and perspectives and the ability to communicate creative content. To find a matching style for an illustration is crucial because it is not only the drawing skill that determines the quality of the result but mostly an inspiring exchange and carefully formed ideas.

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Illustrations by Piotr Paluchowski for DBJR

Werkstatt MitWirkung as part of Deutscher BundesJugendRing has visualized aspects of youth participation in collaboration with Piotr Paluchowski. The pictures help in understanding the complex topic of youth participation and the work of Werkstatt MitWirkung. They will be used for flyers, information brochures and banners. The illustrations created in the style of Graphic Recording can be downloaded and reused under non-commercial terms on their Website.

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