Illustration | from Berlin

Illustrations for SenVital about their new management

ILLUSTRATIONS use pictures and storytelling to communicate content. Unlike language a picture doesnt read from left to right but rather is put together simultaneously. That is how pictures can create new emotions even through similar content. A single picture can bring together lots of thoughts and express them in an accessible and stimulating way.

Graphic recording by Piotr Paluchowski at DBJR

ILLUSTRATORS collaborate with their CUSTOMERS to create pictures that communicate the desired content. Classically there are four stages in achieving this: the briefing, the sketch, the execution and the acceptance. The illustrator leads through every stage to create the picture step by step according to his or her style.

Piotr Paluchowskis Logo

Every STYLE consists of own ideas and perspectives and the ability to communicate creative content. To find a matching style for an illustration is crucial because it is not only the drawing skill that determines the quality of the result but mostly an inspiring exchange and carefully formed ideas.

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