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A visual recording with the title: Brain and Smoking

GRAPHIC RECORDING is a way to let a creative person participate in your company's development. This could be development through innovation, team-building, development on the social or cenceptual level and many more ... unlike consultants, facilitators or entertainers the graphic recorders role primarily consists in active listening and visual storytelling. Active listening allows in this case to capture the intensity of conversations and creative processes as a so called emotional or creative protocoll in a visually appealing way.

Graphic Recording for VLOG in cologne

Graphic Recording, or SCRIBING, is one of the pillars of GRAPHIC FACILITATION and stems from the will to capture discussions, talks and other spoken events, live and simultaneous to increase attention and memorability. Unlike illustration the focus is on the details and volatile emotions that otherwise would be lost. The topic builds a foundation that guides through the event, but the main priority is on the people, atmosphere and the moment in which creativity happens.

Piotr Paluchowski during a graphic recording for the womens office

Pictures connect people. Just as the strokes come together to depict content, shadows and accents surface to narrate stories, that's just how people come together through conversation. Graphic recorders listen actively to guide and offer positive support. They bring openness, creativity and a lot of attention to master this task and add value to your event.

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